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Anyone that’s knows psychology ! WHAT PSYCHICS DO IS A TRICK OF THE BRAIN? And is there ANY evidence

Author : Wage Slave

Submitted : 2018-02-20 01:04:44    Popularity:     

Tags: TRICK  PSYCHICS  psychology  BRAIN  gifted  

We go by order, one thing is psychology, another thing is the extrasensory perception of knowing the thinking of others. The first phase is in the hands of


We go by order, one thing is psychology, another thing is the extrasensory perception of knowing the thinking of others.

The first phase is in the hands of psychological human doctors, the second phase, or the extrasensory perception of knowing the thoughts of others is in the hands of Sensitive, Medium, Magic, they are Esoteric people, who have these revelations thanks to the power of demons!

It is clear that I speak of the TRUE Sensitives, not the Ciarlatans!

Evidence in a laboratory setting is hard to come by. Duke University had a big research program beginning in the 1930's to prove people could read cards and other psychic abilities. After decades of work, they came up with nothing that stood up to the scrutiny of the greater scientific community. Princeton also had a program which went by the acronym PEAR (Princeton Extrasensory Ability Research). Their findings were also not very strong. Private organizations continue to do research. One of my favorite researchers is Rupert Sheldrake who found dogs seemed to know intuitively when their masters were coming home.

If you someday experience it, that will be all the evidence you need. As long as you don't take driving lessons from people who can't drive, or paranormal advice from the trolls on here who have no paranormal experience, you will be ok. The thing is, there is no official test that these people can take to get a certificate. At the same time, people with this gift are not interested in proving themselves to nonbelievers. They have no particular interest in them full stop. If you had that kind of gift you would know it and not want to spend your day trying to prove anything to the crap you get on here. I have witnessed this several times and there is not a hope in hell that any trickery was used. Hey Gary You suddenly went very quiet? Yes kid, I see. It was the wrong colour page. The scientists didn't delve deep enough or invite you for tea. I didn't mean those Ouija boards with legs? HAHAHA! It is gone because you deleted it in your shame.
Scientists discovered that eating food rich in omega-3 boosted blood flow to the brain and improved its performance during mental tasks. Yet that doesn't make you smarter. Try wearing stilettoes Gary, you can dig em in better you silly child
EDIT, Because you did the same thing then. You said that talking boards didn't exist two thousand years ago so I showed you a three-thousand-year-old board. Your excuse, "I didn't mean the boards with legs. Now you disagree that the link doesn't say what it says because the word smart was only used once instead of 37 times, the amount it should be used to mean what it says. Look again little fella. Scientists discovered that eating food rich in omega-3 boosted blood flow to the brain and improved its performance during mental tasks. Now you are trying to say that this sentence alone does NOT mean smart. You know what cows eat, don't you? If I told you I put a cow in a field so it can eat, does that mean that you don't know what it will eat because I never said "Grass?" Are you not ashamed at how you blatantly carry on rather than man up. How many times have I had to explain the obvious to you because you need to save face. What a silly kid you are. The best you can do in a corner is hit the report button. Stop being silly. Everyone can read this and watch your stubborn stance. Grow up.

EDIT! Gary, are you stupid? I mean are you totally stupid little fella? There are sensible people here watching you wriggle like the stupid little worm you are. Show me it on a blue page, I didn't mean the ones with legs. Exactly what amount do you eat? Why not look the thing up you lazy piece of work. I know you are wrong and so do you. You constantly try to kid that you are clever yet you let yourself down badly with that crap. We know you are nothing but a lazy idle welfare cheater with too much time on your hands. Try to stop being so childish and admit when you're wrong.

Not gifted as far as psychic powers goes, which have never been convincingly demonstrated to work under controlled conditions to prevent fraud a la Peter Popoff.
That said, in some cases a psychologically perceptive 'psychic' becomes a kind of psychologist substitute to some people. And if s/he offers sound advice, maybe there's nothing wrong with that. The problem is that idyllic description fits only a small percentage of such people, and most of them are grifters working to separate a mark from a dollar.

Psychics use a mixture of techniques, cold reading, Barnum statements, and various types of deliberate trickery and deception. The one thing they don't use is magic.

" Indeed, I do not believe that “the current collection of data” justifies that an anomaly of any sort has been demonstrated"
On Dr. Jessica Utts
Ray Hyman is a Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon and a noted critic of parapsychology

Edit. Dr. Hyman's actual opinion of Dr. Utts' statistics."This is because the data were collected in haphazard and nonsystematic ways. No consistent records are available; no attempt was made to interrogate the viewers in nonsuggestive ways; no contemporary systematic attempts to evaluate the results are there, etc."

There is no CREDIBLE evidence of psychic powers.

Edit: Hey EG, I've already responded to your Telegraph article, but the question where that happened seems to be gone. Basically it's bad journalism - only the headline mentions the word "smarter"; the studies don't and the scientists don't. The studies were pilot studies only - which certainly don't support your claim that it's a scientific fact. You need to dig deeper into these articles if you want to use them to support scientific claims buddy.

Edit: EG - sorry, the crappy, misleading article you posted only cites two tiny pilot studies, and did not look at intelligence or knowledge. You can not use this to claim it's a scientific fact.

You can find a summary of what science actually knows about omega 3 here:

"What the Science Says
Moderate evidence has emerged about the health benefits of eating seafood. The health benefits of omega-3 dietary supplements are unclear."

Why have you pivoted to Ouija boards?

Edit: EG, are you really saying that it's a scientific fact that eating foods rich in omega-3 makes normal healthy people smarter? Please show me the peer reviewed studies that confirm this, including how the increase in 'smartness' is measured, and how much omega-3 food must be consumed for the effect.

"No one is arguing that psi abilities are strong – if they were, we wouldn’t be debating their existence."
- Jessica Utts, professor of statistics, Univ of Calif at Irvine

Edit -

"Ray [Hyman] and I agreed that there were statistically significant results [in Project Stargate] that couldn’t be explained, but he stopped short of attributing them to psi, instead speculating that there must be some other explanation (but not providing one)."
- Dr. Utts

Dr. Utts is President of the American Statistical Association.

Edit -

Ray Hyman, who, along with Jessica Utts, was asked to review results of Project Stargate, has said this:

"Everyone agrees there is no way to evaluate the accounts of these attempts to use input from remote viewers in intelligence activities. This is because the data were collected in haphazard and nonsystematic ways."

Remarkably, professor of psychology Ray Hyman is confessing that he botched the job, collecting data in "haphazard and nonsystematic ways.".

Considering the aforementioned quote from Dr. Utts, regarding her study of Stargate, the first words of this quote from Hyman - "Everyone agrees" - are obviously untrue.

You're confused. A psychologist is a therapist that helps you with mental disorders. A psychic is someone who can tell the future. They're different.

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