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How to beat someone stronger?

Author : mohammed

Submitted : 2018-02-26 07:16:02    Popularity:     

Tags: beat  stronger  

I'm thin but taller but this bully is so much stronger and has a bigger body?

If I punched him would it damage if I hit his vitals on his face?

If I use my speed


Be careful of these 'one hit wonder' type of ideas. The are going to get you killed. Anyone that says its' skill over strength' or 'its all technique' or 'time your punches' has not been in a real alteration or the ring for that matter.

The people that can actually pull these types of pie-in-the-sky moves off are either professionals or lucky: that's it. It takes YEARS and thousands of hours to make these things work; You are not gong to learn them in a four hour seminar or even, maybe, depending on if you train properly for the right TYPE of fight, after years of martial training.

I'm afraid that when all things are considered equal, you bet on the big guy.

Plus, you must consider legal consequences. What are wanting to fight someone stronger than you? Why fight in the first place? If the law found that you were soliciting advice like this, you would be held as instigating the event, even if the person you were going after was a bully.

There are other questions to ask yourself here.

I personally think its a great idea that every boy and girl should spend some time in Martial Art classes. You get fit while having fun, you meet new people and so enlarge your Social Circle which helps with confidence. You also learn how to defend yourself, to control others in order to avoid being really hurt or to defend someone who cant look after themselves. This in itself builds self-confidence. For a long time I never knew anything about fighting and so I was always scared. But when I learned what and how, it made all the difference. I feel much more confident and not afraid. You will learn how its not about strength. How a small person can control a larger more powerful one, when you know what and how.

It is not about fighting or beating anyone up, its about being safe and confident and feeling good about yourself. I watched a cctv recording just last night, it was on the news. It was taken from a security camera inside an Elevator. A tall slim Asian business lady entered, a rough looking Asian guy stood behind her, leaned into her ear and said something, she moved to the other side of the Elevator, he then went over to her and accosted her, she pushed him away, he then grabbed her breast, then she kicked him in the balls, he fell into the corner but as he went to get up she kneed him in the head. He slumped into the corner and she calmly got off the next floor, and you could see he was very happy she did.

It was amazing to see, and no one would criticise her. He got what he had coming.


if you have gone to teacher ( which i know don't want to be marked as a "snitch" ) then the shine bone hurts alot when you kick it with just a little force or the nuts if you don't want to be marked as "weak" then the shine is proably your best bet and i agree with alot of these people take MMA or something not only teach strength teaches calmness and a whole bunch of things hey you also need to get your head right he after all your head is the most for motavaation you think you gonna llose then you gonna to lose say i can do this and then do Good luck

I am not a bullying expert. All I can say is that if you ALREADY have a bully picking on you and you have not been training to fight at all up to this point, don't expect martial arts to save you. Martial arts take a lot of time and effort to get proficient with. There is no quick fix.

Now, do not take this as a recommendation, but I will tell you what helped ME keep from getting picked on when I was younger. I was not the biggest kid around and I was fairly nerdy overall. Occasionally somebody would come along and try to pick on me. I would tell them to knock it off and if they got aggressive with me or wouldn't leave me alone, I would fight with them and give it my all. In school, fights usually didn't have a "winner" or a "loser" because they were always broken up by school staff. Of course, kids would usually decide in their own minds who THEY thought won a fight, but it didn't really matter. I never won a fight, but I never lost a fight. What mattered is that I always fought. Sometimes the same kids would try to bully be again, and I would fight again. Eventually, the fights would stop and the bullying would stop. I would get dirty looks from the kids that tried to pick on me, but because I always fought back I eventually convinced them that it wasn't worth the trouble getting in another fight just to try to pick on me. Of course, I got in trouble growing up for fighting, but I didn't care. My mom always freaked out but my dad was happy that I stood up for myself every time. Now I'm an adult and I don't deal with silly things like this anymore and none of those times I got in trouble have any bearing on my life now. Maybe this approach will help you, maybe it won't. I'm not going to officially condone violence, but do as you please with my experience.

Good luck.

I always say you don't need to fight someone who you can outrun but it seems like you don't have this option. (If you do have this option you should run, it doesn't matter if you're called names for running)

If you can't run use your speed to your advantage, maybe hit him with a surprise attack if he's distracted. A sucker punch is usually used in this case, sucker punches are high speed punches to the belly (or just underneath their rib cage). Remember, it's not like your in a competitive combat sport, fights are never fair.
Also, you say that you're taller, meaning you should have a longer arm reach. Use it to your advantage and stay at a distance then try and punch him.

If he/she throws a straight punch then dodge it and throw a hook to his forearm then follow up by striking him in the face/body.

If what you mean by big body is fat then he shouldn't have good stamina so they to wear him out by moving about and dodging their punches. That's if you have good stamina.

Also, try and use something like a key when you punch to add damage and maybe cut them. (Obviously don't take a knife or something like that).

One last thing, a good kick to to groin/balls is enough to make anyone screech in pain.

Good luck.

Again with the same question.
Why hit the face? You know there are other targets on the body that would be easier to hit and do more damage with less effort.
You would know this if you took a class instead of trolling all day.

Kick in his knees, let him fall then strike him over and over till he resigns into the fetal position and cries.
That'll teach him a lesson or two.

Time your landings. Notice every time a person goes for a haymaker or a big huge blow, always counter that with a blow in return, huge impact...

Since you've got all these questions about fights and aren't taking any suggestion just hire a hit man to do all your dirty work like most weaklings do.

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